Legend has it that the Baskervillain is not a single man, but rather a series of individuals who periodically pass the name and reputation to a chosen successor.

Each soul bearing the title must vow to uphold a tradition of storytelling through illustrations of a  most graphic design, transformed into ghostly moving images.

Not much is known about the inhabitants of the Baskervillain mantle, though it is thought to have originated with one John Baskerville as his shamefully unsuccessful pirate alter ego. The golden age of piracy long since over, he had no choice but to surrender his dream and live out his days in the Haus of Baskerville, telling stories of his fantasized adventures on the high seas to his pack of Irish wolfhounds and his loyal valet, Cummerbund.

Since his death, history has caught mere glimpses of the Baskervillain, who is most notably recognized by a penchant for macabre humor, sour ales, and accordion music.

It is rumored that the most recent incarnation of the Baskervillain is, in actuality, a pair of creative-minded folk from Decatur, Georgia---though no one can be certain and it would make for a dreadfully boring story if true.
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